January 17, 2009

I was suppose to tell you about my life here...

January 16, 2009

estelle is mourning

Hey guys I have some really bad news. My grandfather just passed away today and  
I am just.. really really in a painful situation right now so is my mom and the whole Wong family. Unquestionable, we will be traveling back to our hometown (sabah) on the 17th of January for the funeral. 2009 was suppose to be a great year for us, what happened? sob.

Rest in peace my dearest Kung Kung
Im coming home
-r i p s

January 4, 2009

One Hundred Ways to Say I Love You

1. With Kisses: Nothing says I love you like a kiss! Kiss them when you say hello, when you say goodbye, in the middle of the day for no reason at all. You can kiss them on the lips, on the cheek, on the forehead…it’s up to you where!

2. With Hugs: It’s true, most partners do not give each other enough hugs. So the next time you feel like telling your partner you love them, give them a giant bear hug.

3. With a Back rub: I’ve never met anyone who would refuse a backrub - another great way to say I love you without words!

4. In a Poem: Whether you decide to write a haiku (see these haiku examples from one of my favorite haiku writers) or write another style on your own, a poem is a great way to express how you feel about someone.

5. In a Journal: Keeping a journal is easy. All you need is a notebook and a pen and write your feelings about the person. Unlike most journals though, this is one to share with your partner!

6. On a T-shirt: You can make your own t-shirt using t-shirt iron on transfer paper or head over to a site like Spreadshirt.com and design your own Custom T-Shirts.

7. With Love Notes: Love notes are an easy simple way to say i love you to someone. Check out our post 55 Unique Places to Leave Love Notes for more inspiration.

8. With Cheerios: If you have Cheerios or some other type of small food that would work also, why not write the words “i love you” with them on a table or in one of their favorite dishes?

9. By sharing the chores: This is my favorite way to say i love you - help your partner with the chores around the house, from washing dishes to vacuuming to doing the laundry, your partner will be sure to appreciate it!

10. In a Picture: A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say at least. Find a picture that shows how much you love them and share it with them.

11. In a collage: Collages are great ways to express yourself, so why not say I love you in a collage? All you will need is one piece of paper and magazine cut outs of anything related to your partner and relationship. Glue them all together onto the sheet of paper and you’ll have a great collage to show how much you love him or her!

12. With Flowers: There’s never a bad time to share flowers! They are always a nice welcome surprise. If you really want to make a statement, give him or her something unique and original instead of the usual roses.

13. With Something Sweet: If your partner likes sweets or cookies, surprising them with something is always a guaranteed way to say that you love them. You could get personalized candy, bake cupcakes, or whatever it is you think they’ll like.

14. Watch the kids for them: If you are married and have kids, there’s nothing better than telling your partner you’ll watch the kids for the next hour, why don’t they go relax?

15. By Cooking Dinner: Making a nice dinner for them is another way to show you care and are thinking about them, especially if they are too tired to cook or it is one of their favorite dishes. Can’t cook? You can always order take-out!

16. Etched in Glass: It’s not hard to etch something in glass with a stencil and glass etching cream. You’ll be surprised how easy it is, and they’ll be surprised at your creativity!

17. With a Special Song Mix: Burn a few of your favorite love songs or songs to a CD that have a special meaning to you and your partner. Need ideas on how to label a CD? You can write on it with marker, or print a special label out of your computer. You can even give it a special cover too!

18. Have Someone Else Tell Them: Could you imagine the look on your partner’s face if your best friend or mother sat down and told them how much you love them? It’d definitely be a surprise and hopefully they’ll be glad to hear that you’ve told someone else how much you love them too!

19. Say it in Another Language: Why not try telling him or her you love them in another language? There are many online translators available to help you convert anything into  a different language. Te amo for example means I love you in Spanish.

20. Say Thanks: Showing your appreciation to your partner for all that they do is a great way to show your care.

21. From the Top of a Mountain: Go the highest point you can find around your house and scream from the top of your lungs “I love this girl!” (or guy!)

22. With the Lawn Mower: You can write the words I love you with your lawn mowers in your yard if you let the grass grow high enough for a few weeks.

23. In a Bottle: Write Your Partner a message in a bottle for them to find and open.

24. With Your Pets: Have a dog or cat? You can attach a message around their collar for your partner to find.

25. With a Text Message: Text messages only take a few minutes to send, so if you don’t text your partner often, why not send them a text message?

26. In a crowd: If you’re in a busy park or street in the city, there’s no shame in proclaiming your love to your partner in front of others.

27. Say it on a Screensaver: Assuming your partner won’t mind, you can change their computer desktop background or put a special screen saver on his or her computer to say i love you for you.

28. Kidnap Them: If you know your partner has nothing to do on a certain day, why not kidnap them and surprise them with a special getaway? You can go on a romantic picnic or escape to a nearby park or other local attraction.

29. Warm their car up for them: If chilly weather makes your car parked outside too cold, you could go out there and brave the cold to start the car for them (and if it snowed, even clear it off for them!) Don’t like braving the cold? Maybe a remote starter kit would be a nice surprise?

30. While you’re watching a Movie Together: Next time you’re snuggling up to a romantic movie you can whisper it in their ear halfway through or during a romantic scene.

31. Bring Them Coffee: Anytime you bring your partner one of their favorite drinks it reminds them how much you care.

32. By Listening to Them: Listening to your partner without interrupting, getting distracted, or critcizing them is a great way to say i love you to someone.

33. With a Secret Phrase: The duck quacks at midnight…Creating a secret way to tell your partner you love them can be fun, especially since no one else will know what you’re talking about but each other. Be creative!

34. In a cake: Think of those old prison movies when they would bake a cake with something in it…you could do this or write a special message in icing on the top.

35. With an Interpretive Dance: Okay, so maybe interpretive dancing isn’t for you…but you could ask them to dance with you, even if there is no music playing or if you are standing in the living room.

36. With Tools: Did you notice your honey lost or broke his diamond drill bit? Maybe they just need a tool they don’t have. Why not get them a new one next time you are out at the store?

37. In flames: I don’t really know how to do this safely, but if you can figure it out, why not write them a message in flames? (I hold no responsibility if you attempt this. Please check with your fire department before proceeding!)

38. On a Tattoo: Just remember: Tattoos are forever. You could also make your own temporary tattoo. Sharpie markers, body paints, and pens work well for writing on your skin too. (Just make sure they’re non-toxic and you’re not allergic to it!)

39. Say it in Sand: There’s nothing more romantic at the beach than to write your names in hearts in the sand or the words I love you. No beach nearby? You could always fill up a kiddie pool with sand and do the same.

40. On a puzzle: Have a puzzle loving partner? Write a special message on the back of a puzzle or mail them one piece of a puzzle at a time.

41. On a Balloon: You can either choose to blow up a balloon and write a message for them to discover when they blow it up or hand them one where you’ve stuffed a special message inside it.

42. In a Song: You don’t need to learn guitar to write and sing a song (though it could help!) It’s the thought that counts, so don’t worry about what your song sounds like. There’s plenty of bad music in myspace and youtube (myself included actually) - so there’s no need to be self conscious!

43. In a video: Who doesn’t love videos? You can use your web cam or get a video camera to make a video pledging your love for him or her. No video camera? You could always prepare a slide show of pictures set to some of your favorite music.

44. Say I love you with a quote: Lost for words? Let somebody else say it better! Check out our Romantic Movie Quotes and Quotes on Kissing for some inspiration.

45. Make a Hanging Mobile: You can hang your love for someone with a romantic hanging mobile! Get Directions and a Free Printout Here

46. Mark Your Love on a Calendar: Does your partner rely on a calendar? Write in “I love you day” on a few of the days to make them extra special.

47. Make a List: Chances are you have more than one reason to say I love you, so why not make a list of ways you love the person and give it to him or her?

48. Give Them a Tree of Love: You can get artificial miniature trees and attach small gifts or reasons you love the person or anything else romantic you want to. I once was given a white Christmas tree as a present with money attached to it - one of the best presents ever!

49. Throw a Party: You can hold a special party for your love to celebrate how much you love them. Invite friends and family, or you can have a romantic party just the two of you. Don’t forget the streamers and maybe a giant “I Love You” banner.

50. Write Your Love Story: A love story can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Our post on Writing Your Love Story is full of ideas.

51. Show Interest in Their Hobbies: Maybe they like something that bores you. But showing a genuine interest in their hobbies or activities is a great way for you to connect more and show that you love them.

52. Give Them a Compliment: Telling your partner he or she looks beautiful or cute (or whatever terms that are appropriate for your relationship) is an easy additional way to say I love you. You could also compliment them on something like “Honey, you did a great job on dinner tonight” or “Wow! That bathroom you painted looks awesome!”

53. Make a Sign: You can wear it sandwich board style or hang a banner across the door to greet them when they get home. Maybe a sign on their car or bedroom door. Wherever you put the sign doesn’t matter - what matters is that it shows your partner you were thinking of them!

54. Send Them Snail Mail: Most people when they open their mailbox are bombarded by bills and junk mail. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a romantic letter instead?

55. Send an E-Card: If snail mail is too slow for you, you can send romantic e-cards instantly. With hundreds of romantic ecards out there, you’re sure to find one that’s just the right way to say I love you.

56. Say it Upside Down: If you’re athletically inclined, take your partner to a park and hang upside down from the monkey bars and say “Hey! I love you even when I’m upside down!”

57. Say it The Cheesiest Way You Know: Take 1 block of cheese (can be their favorite kind or whatever you’ve got - all that matters is that it is cheese) and then attach a note which says “This is the cheesiest way I can think of to say I love you!”

58. Just Saying Hi: A quick phone call to your partner when you are away is a great way to just say hi and ask them how their day is going.

59. Publicly Humiliation: Nothing says I love you like some good old fashioned public humiliation. Have someone announce it over a loud speaker at an office or store, serenade them while you eat dinner at a restaurant (even if it is McDonald’s), put it on a billboard, air a tv commercial. (okay, so maybe we’re getting a little overboard here) - but you get the point.

60. Hide it in a Book: Find a book or magazine you know your partner will read and write or tape a note that tells them you’re thinking of them. Alternatively you could underline a section and say something romantic based on what the book is about, depending on the book of course. If it’s intro to accounting for example, you could write “all the math i need to know is me + u = love”.

61. Let Them Teach You Something: It’s always a huge ego boost when you ask your partner to teach you how to do something. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as its something you can show genuine interest in learning.

62. Give Them a Lucky Charm: Give your partner something lucky to carry with them and remind them of you. It could be something to put in their wallet or something to put on their keychain.

63. Give Them Undivided Attention: Tell your partner they will get your undivided attention for 1 hour. They can talk to you about anything or do anything they want with you.

64. Tuck Them In at Night: It’s always comforting when somebody pulls the blankets up over you and kisses you good night.

65. Trust Your Partner and Be Trustworthy: Being able to trust your partner is very important. Give your partner trust, and they will likely return that trust to you. Once their trust is earned, don’t ever screw it up.

66. Remember the Good Times: Make a list of your favorite memories with your partner and share them with him or her.

67. Hold Hands: Hand holding is one of the most intimate ways to connect with one another. Take any chance you have to hold his or her hand!

68. Have a Hooky Day: Playing hooky means all your responsibilities for the day get tossed out the window. You can call/request off work or skip whatever you usually do on most days. Instead do something fun together, even if it just means laying in bed together all day.

69. Take a Romantic Bubble Bath: What could be better than you and your partner in a hot tub surrounded with bubbles?

70. Take Photos of Each Other: You can make this sexy or silly - but taking pictures of each other is a great way to spend time having fun together and telling each other that you love each other.

71. Share Ice Cream Out of One Bowl: Sharing ice cream is a lost art that many people have never discovered. Get a bowl or a pint of your favorite kind and dig in with two spoons.

72. Make an “About Me” Report: Many times we feel like our partners don’t really know us. You can impress your partner if you can answer things like their favorite colors, foods, happiest memories, biggest accomplishments, recent news, etc. etc.

73. Anticipate Their Moves: When you are with someone for a long time, you know what they will want or need without them even asking. Maybe its as simple as passing them the pepper when they’re eating Mac & Cheese or turning on their favorite TV show without them asking it.

74. Get Healthy: The healthier you are, the longer you will be around to love someone! You can lose weight for free, stop a bad habit such as quit drinking, or practice safety habits. Encourage your partner to do the same. (Just don’t tell him or her that he or she is fat! That won’t go over too well!)

75. Love Their Family: In-Laws are notoriously difficult to get along with. But if you show respect to their family and traditions, it can say a lot about how much you love a person!

76. Make Breakfast or Go on a Breakfast Date: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and its also the most likely to be skipped or rushed! Making breakfast or going out for a cup of coffee and a muffin can be a special way to show someone you want to take out time in your busy day to be with them.

77. Draw a Picture: It doesn’t matter how artistic you are, anyone can draw a simple picture to say how much you love someone - even if it is just with stick figures and hearts and stars!

78. Flirt Vivaciously: Flirting doesn’t have to be reserved for just when you first meet. Go ahead and act like he or she doesn’t know you like him or her yet.

79. Define what love means to you: Sometimes the word love is used so loosely it loses its meaning. Explain what love means to you to your partner - and why you’re so glad you’ve found it with them.

80. Write it in a Cryptic Message: Write a message of love using a secret code. Give them the key and let them decipher the message. (You could also write is backwards and tell them to hold it up in front of a mirror)

81. Practice Random Acts of Kindness: Showing you love someone is more important than saying I love you, which is why practicing random acts of kindness is important. Hold doors, pull out chairs, offer an umbrella when its raining, etc.

82. Show Your Vulnerable Side: Showing your vulnerable side to your partner means that you completely trust them and are comfortable with them. So go ahead and tell them a secret, your deepest feelings, or anything they can use against you as blackmail.

83. Love Their Faults: Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. If you can make light of their short comings and show you love them even if they can’t spell or be on time or whatever else it is that they’re really bad at, it means you love them for all of them - not just the good stuff.

84. Tell Them How Happy You Are: Telling your partner how happy you are will make them feel like they are partly responsible for that, even though we all know happiness shouldn’t be dependent on someone else.

85. Clean Up After Yourself: Nobody likes the role of the “maid” - if you spill something on the floor, clean it up! Put your towels away, the dishes away, etc. etc. If you don’t act like a slob, your partner will never resent you.

86. Give Them the Last One: If you and your partner both enjoy something and there’s only one left, let them have it. There’s a good chance they’ll share it with you anyway, but even if they don’t they’ll appreciate your selflessness.

87. Put Their Needs Ahead of Your Own: When you put your partner’s needs ahead of your own (and they do the same) you both selflessly say to one another that you love each other and look out for one another.

88. Know When to Apologize: Saying you’re sorry can go a long way, even if you don’t necessarily think you did anything wrong or agree. Sometimes just saying you’re sorry is enough to make any problems blow over.

89. Be Totally Goofy Together: Let your inner kid out and do something goofy. Have a pillow fight, jump on the bed, go sled riding. Whatever it is, it’ll be fun and show your partner that you love them enough to be completely goofy with them.

90. Show Up for a Surprise Visit: It always made my day anytime my now husband would show up unexpectedly at my apartment or at work. Make sure its okay if its a work visit (you don’t want them getting in trouble with the boss!) or not at a time when they’d be incredibly busy. (If he worked in a restaurant for example, you would not want to show up at dinner rush!)

91. Make a Scrapbook: Scrapbooks can be a fun way to remember good times or show how much you love somebody.

92. Sing the ABC’s: Can you think of a reason you love your partner for every letter of the alphabet? A you’re adorable…B oh so Beautiful…You get the idea…

93. As Soon as You Wake Up: Waking up to someone saying “I Love You” is a lot better than “Hey! Get your butt out of bed the kids are late for school, I’m late for work, honey the toaster is on fire, etc. etc…”

94. Ask How You Can Help: Sometimes our partners don’t want to ask for help but would gladly accept it if offered. A simple “is there anything you need?” can be an enormous way to say I love you.

95. Put on a Puppet Show: If you’ve got stuffed animals laying around, pick them up and have them re-enact your love for one another.

96. Cuddle: There is no such thing as too much cuddling. Snuggle in bed before saying goodnight, while you watch football on TV, or just on a lazy afternoon.

97. Ask Their Advice: It’s a huge compliment and ego booster to your partner if you ask for their opinion or advice on something. Don’t make it too tricky (Does this outfit make me look fat?) - but something like “do you think I should get a blue rug or a green rug?” makes them feel involved and as if their opinion matters.

98. Give Some TLC: Everybody has bad days from time to time or will get sick at some point or another. Give them some extra TLC on those days - some chicken soup, a cup of tea or hot chocolate, whatever it is that they need to cheer up or feel better.

99. Ask How They Are: It’s easy for partners to forget to ask each other how they are, even though they might ask complete strangers the same question out of habit. So before you start complaining or going into great detail about you, ask them “how was your day” or “how’s it going?” when you first see them.

100. Give it Unconditionally: Unconditional love is probably the best thing in the whole world when it comes to love. It means no one expects anything in return and you will continue to love somebody even if it’s not all wine and roses all the time.

PHEW! What a list!

P.S- Happy New Year (: 
Okay now.. back to school!! 
ARGH -.-

- R I P S

December 20, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...




im serious!! 


A popular 17-year-old high school senior, Natalie, thinks she's got her life figured out, until she meets and falls for Keith Zetterstrom (Jesse Mccartney), a new student. Natalie is dismayed when Keith has little interest in her, but she ultimately discovers the boy is hiding a dark secret, with tragic results.
In my opinion -Such a romantic movie. Basically, I kept on crying and crying for the whole entire movie :( :( :( This one guys, a superduper definitely MUST WATCH- Indubitably, one of my favorites.


just speechless...

*ps. Going to watch it now again 

December 19, 2008


Wadakam, Innadeh! I'm finally back, so yeah. Okay, rewind .......

on wednesday :)

Amira, Frederick, Suren, Rainie, Hui kwan, Toh tong, Zhen wei, Ah foo and many many more peolple went to Barcelona's First Year Anniversary thingy. He-he. I got the tickets from suren cause he got a-l-o-t of tickets. Hrm, The crowd is superb crowded. Pheww, lucky lucky we sat on the vip seats. If not I can commit suicide there. I did not ate there cause I lazy to line up for food. So I drank abit & dance. Later on, suren & all decide to ciao to Lost City ( chun place! ) So, Amira decide to follow cos' Fred went back for a while. Stop by 17 mamak for supper. He-he. We left Amira & Ah foo there then the rest went Lost Cityyyyy! :)

By the time we reach Lost City is about 12 something. Rainie, Toh tong, Zhen wei reach about half an hour later. I sat there til my back side hurts. So, I decide to dance with Zhen wei. After a while all of us decide to leave cos' it's getting bored. Hrm, We decide to go to a new place call ' Hot Zone '. It's not bad not bad. I love love the lightings, darn cool. He-he. Never did anything much, just sleep on the table and dance a lil'. Then, went home. (:

Grab em' all from Amira's bloggie :D

@ the carpark . before Barcelona !

Our signature ;)

Lol, Mine.
I was shivering while I was signing the board.
cos' lots of people is waiting to sign : p

Our tongue piercing he-he.


Bored til' camwhore like mad..

I love this picture alot too.

I know right, I'm fair! :)

Hrm, I think we don't really look alike.
: p as I can see.
we look like happy people.

Chipet..I ask you to do perky smile.
you go smile big big untuk ape?


love this pic ;)

SUREN, You damn kao 7 potong steam!

I malas want to smile already..Hahaha.
On Thursday.
Zhen wei & Su fern came to fetch me for dinner. Went Centrepoint Mcdonalds. Rainie, Hui kwan, Toh tong, and Chun kit was there already. So yeah. I ordered Double Cheese Burger. Omgosh, I was happily eating my food. But but, this Su fern must mention about ' Shit '. All the way she said to me ' just pretend as if the food is a delicious shit. ' I said ' fuck you la. ' Uhhuh, then after dinner. I went 9th floor, 17 mamak to meet Suren & Katak. Played snooker for free :)
Hrm, after a while Kelvin Foo & Sheng came.
I kept playing with Kelvin's call man walkie talkie thingy til no battery! Opps. Well, Yum cha til 3 am. Suren, Sheng & I went to the park. Ben & the rest came too. Chill there a while. Then, Sheng send me home. Can't sleep til' now. Darn fucked up weiiii. Suren! Have fun at Lumut. I want wenne ( 'one' in tamil ) souvenir. Bye.

Acting weird @ 9th floor.

Suren! kunji pinjam ha-ha.
Lalalalala. JUST KIDDING. Ciaooooo :)
- boon mun *

December 10, 2008

A lonely girl, A lonely world

I've hurt my 9 years best friend. I'm just useless. Sorry. Forgiving me it's hard, I know. Just want to wish you good luck. I'm speechless. Now, everyone is on your side.. I've got no best friends anymore. I don't mind. I'm wrong from the start. You are right, I won't listen to what everyone say to me. I did not drag him there, I swear. Just blame me, don't blame yourself. Blame me for everything I've hide from you. Hate me all you want! HATE ME.

I'm just stupid. I don't know how to find out secrets thats why sometimes I'm cheated by people. Because noone want to help me. Everyone help you. I don't have the perfection, but you have. I'm not jealous. Maybe I'm out of my mind now. Look, I know he is more important. I understand thats why you rushed to him and scold him. You don't even wanna talk to me. I'm okay, just a little pissed off. From that moment, I know I'm no longer important to you.

Even if you're okay with him. I don't know how to face you. It's embarrassing. I know you for so long but I've hurt you so badly. If you are being in this position, you don't know how fucking guilty you are. You know me well. Only you would cheer me up. Now, I don't know what am I suppose to do. Feels like I'm lost in the jungle. Noone there to help me, noone there for me. My wrong for not telling you anything.

It's all my fucking fault.

I'm sincerely sorry, Lim Chin Lee.
Biarkan ku mengerti,
Biarkan ku sedari,
Keadaanku yang memujamu.
- boon mun *

December 2, 2008

once again, i wanna be with you.

I had my tongue pierced. WELLLLLL, tongue piercing is much more suffering than tattoo. Amira, Frederick and Kelvin pierced too.

Anyway, Yesterday bout 1am. I drove to Centrepoint, Kayu Ara, Ss2, Taman Megah and Uptown just to buy Twilight Dvd. I fucking pissed. Because not any of the shop have Twilight. Obsessions :D So yeah, stayed over cheung ken's house. Oh, I'm going out soon.

will post up pictures. Just a short update doh ..

- boon mun *

November 29, 2008


you were a child
crawling on your knees toward him
making momma so proud
but your voice is too loud
control yourself
take only what you need from him
a family of trees wanting to be haunted
the water is warm
but it's sending me shivers
memories fade
... like looking through a fogged mirror

- r i p s

November 25, 2008

Could it be any harder?


I loved it. A must watch movie,definitely. Went to empire theatre with Ilinca, Marra, Andrew, Imme and her friend can't remember her name. It was a fun night & 
Dang Robert Pattinson was really hot in this movie no joke! Taylor Lautner looked weird though.. well whatever his hot in real life *smile*

This is Thinley :)
this is my sister eating.. err?
like her bangs? I DO!

Neighbourhood Pics....
Autumn,the third season of the year when fruits and crops are gathered and leaves fall..

Xmas is exactly next month :D




Term 1 is officially coming to an end so that means Pep Rally is just around the corner
what is 'Pep Rally' ? no idea i'm still a newbie 
I'm guessing it's a day where all the students/teachers just celebrate for fun  -.-
Speaking of fun, Point Grey's Dance team is going to perform for pep rally i'm so excited! 
It'll be my first time ever to dance a hip hop routine, adding to that, in a new school,not forgetting in a different country OH MAN.
Baycheche is coming down to vancouver in about 3 weeks time. 
This time she'll stay till next year..yay.. two syllables  *shopping* :)
That's all for now by d way sorry MPam I haven't been updating this blog xoxo miss u too!

- r i p s